Proposed concept and layout

The essence of this project is to inform the user of the historical importance of the figure of Rasputin and will achieve this through engaging the user visually appealing, easy to navigate interaction.

Given the complexities of Rasputin’s assassination, the target audience for the project will be highschool-aged students to adults (approx 13+).

Ideally I would like two forms of menus. One in the form of a constant nav bar to ensure simplicity and the other controlled by the user with their mouse – rolling over images and text which then highlight and invite the user to ‘click here’.

Below are some images of some potential layouts I have put together. Obviously these are very draft-like and are just to provide a general idea of things. With Photoshop and Flash things will certainly look a lot prettier.

This could be a possible home page. Preferably, I will use a slightly darker colours scheme with this and, accompanied with the eerie sounds of the gusli this should provide and atmospheric and encapsulating home page for the user. The two paths – ‘Who is Rasputin?’ and ‘Who killed Rasputin?’ – can be selected by the user. I envisage these two options appearing in a ‘dissolving’ style function from the clouds behind them. It kind of reminds me of a Harry Potter-style theme.

First option – Who is Rasputin? Above are some sub-topic ideas which, when selected by the user, will go on to interactive letter-style descriptions, interactive maps etc.

The second option – ‘Who killed Rasputin?’ – takes the user to the whodunnit side of the page. This is one way of laying out this section of the site. Another way I have thought of is to have a map of Moscow with the locations of the Yusupov Palace, the homes of the conspirators including British intelligence officer Oswald Rayner and the river where Rasputin was dumped. The user could be taken on a journey across these locations in a particular order, to guide them through the history and how versions of the story have alternated over time with the revelation of new evidence.


Where the Romanov’s lived.

The Palace of Prince Felix Yusupov where Rasputin was supposedly murdered and dumped into the adjacent river.


About Jessica Hynes

This globe-trotter has spent the last few years travelling the world in search beautiful landscapes, good food and even better wine. From Nepal’s highest peaks to Bolivia’s salt flats, Jess has an undying appreciation for nature. A born and bred Sydneysider, she has a close connection with the ocean and is passionate about protecting it.
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