Looking to the next stage

As we are soon returning to the second half of semester it’s important to start considering a number of things…

Firstly, over the next week it will be important for me to start watching tutorials and playing around with programs such as DreamWeaver, InDesign and Flash. Each of these three software programs could be viable options for this project and therefore some background knowledge in how they operate will be essential.

Also, from my understanding once we return next week it will be time to find some other like-minded students to group with for the final assessment. Hopefully I can find someone with a similar interest in history… because I certainly think that I will be more engaged in this task and will learn more from it if it is about something I find interesting! It will be interesting to see what other people’s ideas are and, hey, if there are some that are better and more intriguing than my own I might actually consider them!


About Jessica Hynes

This globe-trotter has spent the last few years travelling the world in search beautiful landscapes, good food and even better wine. From Nepal’s highest peaks to Bolivia’s salt flats, Jess has an undying appreciation for nature. A born and bred Sydneysider, she has a close connection with the ocean and is passionate about protecting it.
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